The Process Of Termite Inspection

Are you thinking about buying a new office place for you? Or are you considering shifting in a new place? If so, then there are some things which you must inspect before purchasing the property so that you won’t have to regret for later on. We often see that people closely checks the foundation of house before buying it and they also look into the value of land before purchasing the property but one thing which they often tend to ignore or neglect is to inspect the presence of termites. It is very important to get the termite inspection done before buying any place because these termites can bring a huge loss for your property as well your furniture. If any termites are detected by the process of termite inspection then termite treatment must be carried out. We will be discussing about the process of termite inspection in this article.


You must have been familiar with the word “pests” which are defined as the organisms (animals or insects) that are bound to harm or affect human beings and their belongings be it their livestock or their furniture. Termites are one such kind of pests and belong to the class insect. They are extremely small insects of pale yellow colour whose habitat is earth or cement and they live by eating wood be it the wood of the trees or the wood of the furniture. However, one thing is for sure that termites are bound to affect the wooden objects and they must be controlled to avoid the loss but it is not easy to detect termites because they are extremely small in size and not easily visible which is why termite inspection from Sydney teams are called for this purpose.

The process of termite inspection:

The whole process of termite check begins by first thoroughly analysing the area especially the places where earth, cement or soil is attached with the wood. Special tools and flashlights are used to detect the presence of termites in areas like hardwood flooring, attics or any other place with attached wooden furniture. If termites are not visible in the exterior of the wood then extremely small hole is made to check the presence of termites in the interior portion of the wood. Once the termites are detected in an area then termite treatment is carried out in which such chemicals are used that completely eradicate the colonies of termites without causing any irritation to the human beings residing in surrounding areas.


Termite inspection is the process of inspecting the whole area to detect the presence of the termites and if any termites are found then the process of termite treatment is carried out. The areas that are made up of wood and are joined with the soil are closely inspected because termite use soil as their habitat and feed upon the wood.

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