The Benefits Of Aluminum Screen

Windows and doors are two integral parts of any home or building and most of their functions are also same. Window is the opening in wall which allows the light and air to enter or leave the room whereas doors are meant for entrance and safety purposes. These doors and windows are further modified by screens.  These screens vary from each other based on the material they are made up of. One type of such screens is aluminum screens.


Screens are interconnected pattern of plastic or metal wires which are so tightly packed that they do not allow the insects or other such flies to enter the house.  Not just flies but some screens also protect the entrance of environmental pollutant.  Besides these safety measures, some screens are so strong that they do not get broken even by the forced attempt of an intruder.

Different types of screens:

Different kinds of screens are fitted in windows and doors which vary according to the material they are made up of. These screens are fiber glass screen, pet screens, aluminium screen, stainless steel screen , galvanized steel screen, copper screen and many more such screens are available in the market.

Aluminum screen:

Aluminum is a chemical element which is light grey in color and has good electrical, thermal conductivity. It has high reflectivity, is resistant to oxidation and is one of the most commonly found metals in earth’s crust. Aluminum screens were designed because of innumerable benefits of aluminum metal. These screens are also closely packed in criss-cross manner like any other window or door screen but they have more advantages.

Benefits of aluminum screen:

Aluminum screen is strong, long lasting and does not sag. As aluminum has high resistance against rust that is why these screens are also resistant to rust and corrosion. Moreover, they are quite strong and do not allow the intruders to enter that easily.

Star line security:

Star line security is one such platform located in Brisbane who offers the diverse and modified collection of doors, windows and screens. They have been in this business for more than twenty five years and provide their services throughout the country. Their collection of window, screens and doors varies from retractable insect screens to sliding security screens, from magnetic insect screens to diamond grills, secure view security screens to security grills and the list goes on.


Windows and doors are modified after the introduction of screens. Screens are the interconnected network of wires which are composed of either plastic or metal. These screens vary from each other based on the material they are made up of. One type of such screen is known as aluminum screen. Aluminum screens are quite useful as they not only protect the entrance of insects or flies but are also quite resistant to rust and corrosion. Star line security offers the most diverse and modified variety of windows, doors and screen all across the Australia.

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