Reasons Why Your Subaru Wrx Clutch Is Damaged

If you own a Subaru, I am sure you know how much taking care of this specific vehicle is importance. From ensuring that the exterior to every basic feature of the interior is well taken care of, there is a lot that should be kept in mind besides a basic service or upgrade. Our focus today here is over the problem that a lot of Subaru car owners feel which is about the Subaru Forester clutch issues. Well, if you are a rough driver, no matter which ever vehicle you own, clutch plate is something that should be well taken care of. Here are some reasons that we have enlisted for you that will help you understand why clutch plates get damaged.

  1. Clutch Slipping

When you own a manual car, the driver most often doesn’t realize that they completely do not release the clutch plate. The science behind this is that when half clutch plate is released with the accelerator, the engine RPM will show the impact you require but the energy that is to be transferred with a full released clutch to the transmission is not the same of a half released clutch. This means that when clutch slipping is done, a massive damage is caused to the plates which also leads to overheating and making them useless in a small span of time.

  1. Clutch Riding

Slipping and riding the clutch are two separate things that a driver should know. Clutch riding is basically when the vehicle is already in a movement and has moved from the point where the use of clutch is no more required yet the clutch is still depressed slightly. It is in such a position which usually occurs due to driver negligence that results in abnormal wear of the clutch.

  1. Footrest

Almost all manual cars do not have a dead pedal installed in them which is why the drivers tend to keep their foot on the clutch considering it to be a footrest. One should understand the fact that a clutch plate is very light and soft in nature and even a slightest extra weight on it could lead to a long term damage. Mostly cars that work on petrol are more prone to have clutch plates damaged as they are more sensitive n nature.

  1. Premature Clutch Release

Another common practice that usually occurs by the drivers is the premature release of the clutch. When a clutch is released too early than its required time, a car jerk occurs that puts an extra pressure on the transmission and engine which leads to overheating of the clutch, hence, results in a permanent damage. Check this link to find out more details.

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